Hi, I am Laura.

I am an accidental photographer based in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. I have always loved taking pictures of my children and have tried to learn how to catch them in sweet moments I will want to remember when I am old. Like everyone, the COVID-19 pandemic turned my life upside down and I found myself unexpectedly becoming a homeschool mama, so I got A LOT of practice observing and taking pictures of my kids. Last year I upgraded from my iPhone to a mirrorless Nikon and taught myself how to use it. Now I am in love.

I love studying light, movement and how perspective makes a photograph special. Here in Highland County, we are blessed to live among endless beautiful landscapes that provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor sessions. Nature photography is my greatest love and I enjoy incorporating our beautiful natural surroundings into my portraits.

Life isn't made up a series of poses, but rather small precious moments that, when combined, tell your unique story. I love capturing my family's life as it really happens and hope I can do the same for yours.